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Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Big Bite

The past two weeks have been action packed in room 23. We have started our first interactive read aloud, Mr. Popper's Penguins, in reader's workshop. Our focus for this book is character traits, making predictions, questioning, and answering open response questions. As a class, we have read over 200 books so far this year! Thanks to Hayley, Alyssa, Declan and Thomas for donating books to our classroom library from the book fair!In writer's workshop, many of us are getting ready to publish our first personal narrative. Poetry Fridays continue to be very popular. We read, If Not For the Cat, by Jack Preltusky, and are working on writing haikus with a Halloween theme. Multiplication is all the rage in math, and students are working hard on mastering their math facts with speed and accuracy. We have been to the technology lab a few times to practice. Click here to visit the website we use for speed drills. In addition to visiting the tech lab for math, we made another visit this past week to begin our study of the heredity unit. Click here to visit the site we researched. Everyone did a great job on the maps and globes test and we have begun our study of Mexico! In Open circle we have focused on calm breathing and the school listening look. These are great skills that we all need to practice. Our morning yoga sets are going well; ask your child to show you the poses we have learned so far. On Monday we will celebrate Halloween with a day filled with Halloween themed activities, and we will race our Puff mobiles against the other fourth grade classes. Don't forget your "Party in a Bag." Monday will also be a special day because we will welcome Nick to our class. Everyone is excited to meet Nick and welcome him to our class. I hope to see you at the Ladybug 5k!
Mrs. Williams

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