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Friday, April 27, 2018

A Big Bite

We started the week with a program on waves led by Josh from the Museum of Science in Boston.  Thanks to the PCC for providing this wonderful enrichment program.  It was a great way to kick off our physical science unit.  Also, one of our classmates brought in a skin from his Bearded Lizard to show us an animal adaptation!  Very cool!
Trying to decipher names in Morse Code
We have started our study of the West region and are working in groups to create slideshows about the geography, climate, natural resources, important people and places of the West AND about the Tlingit.  More research next week!
Geometry is the focus of math for the next few weeks.  Everyone is doing a great job with this vocabulary rich unit.  MCAS is during the first full week of May (next week) and we will be ready.  Ask your child about writing constructed responses in math with Mrs. Murray.
We are 2/3s of the way through The One and Only Ivan and should finish soon.  Everyone is LOVING this story.  Ask your child to tell you about the story.  The Rock Poetry project was handed out today, ask your child to tell you all about it!
Next week will be an exciting week as Ms. Liz, our Poet In Residence, will be working with all the fourth grade classes.  Be on the look out for some pictures AND some great poetry written by students.
Have a great weekend!
Mrs. Williams

T-shirt of the day

It has been a while since we had a T-shirt of the Day, and we had four on Thursday!!! Way to #bringit!
I would call them heroes! Including the person wearing the shirt!
She always has good vibes!
Yup! She is the friend who makes everyone feels appreciated and valued!
And she will be, I know it!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Juicy Nibble

Mrs. Simino, an @jfkladybugs parent and art teacher, will be leading a parent/child paint night for students in grades 3-5  to benefit @FranklinEdOrg! Looks like tons of fun! Click the link for tickets.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Juicy Nibble

It looks like some of our classmates had VERY EXCITING vacations!!! #seethenationalparks

Friday, April 13, 2018

Juicy Nibble

Over the last few weeks, during Technology Workshop, 4th graders have been working on creating videos.  The students worked in groups to first determine a topic for their video that they felt would be helpful to other fourth graders. After deciding on a topic, students wrote scripts, practiced and finally recorded the videos.  This was the FIRST time doing this, and although there were some glitches, I think you will agree, the students did an amazing job. 

A Big Bite

What a week!  We had 2 days of MCAS mixed in with a full week of learning.  I didn't even have time to take many pictures.  😡  Everyone persevered on the ELA MCAS and I expect the same will happen during math in May.  #HARDWORKERS #BEPROUDOFYOURSELF
We have continued to read The One and Only Ivan in reader's workshop and are LOVING the story.  Students are observing safari animals in their natural habitat, elephants at the National Zoo and apes at the Houston Zoo.  It is great to visit other parts of the world without leaving our classroom. 
The Lightning Thief viewing party was a success.  Although, most everyone agreed that the book was more enjoyable than the movie. #MYHEARTISSINGING! 
We have finished our unit on measurement and are starting a unit on Geometry.  I love this unit and can't wait to get started after vacation.
Our travels around the Midwest are complete and everyone did a great job on the quiz.  We will be traveling to the west next!
Keep practicing those recorders, the concert will be here before you know it!
Have a great April vacation, get outside and play.  Send me pictures of your activities and the fun places you visit.  Don't forget to read!
Mrs. Williams

Throwing balls in math for a line plot.
A little yoga before the MCAS!

Friday, April 6, 2018

A Big Bite

Our "You're It!" board has been transformed into a "bucket board!"  We are all finding time during the busy school week to fill a classmate's bucket with words of encouragement, a positive thought or a thank you.  When a student notices a peer doing something that is important and unique to that person, he/she will "fill the bucket," of that student.  We cherish our classroom community and the relationships that we have with one another. This is the next step in continuing to build community and to support the social/emotional learning of all! We are hoping that everyone's bucket will be overflowing by the end of the school year.  Everyone has at least one drop in their bucket so far! 
ELA MCAS is next week and we are ready for it!!! Remember to get a good night's sleep, eat a satisfying breakfast and to BREATHE!!!!  We are going to do well!
Have a great weekend.
Mrs. Williams