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Friday, May 25, 2018

A Big Bite

What a week!  We have been reading Charlotte’s Web , by E.B. White during Reader’s Workshop and have been very engaged by using techniques reader’s theater to complete this story.  In writer’s workshop, we are developing ideas for nonfiction pieces and are finishing our poetry journals. We have been getting ready for the Coffeehouse which will be on June 5th at 9:00 a.m.  The students have been working hard to memorize their poems.
We are continuing our study of geometry by working on Parabolic line designs and should begin two hands on projects next week!  We love to make real world connections to our learning! In science we experimented with magnets and will be working with bulbs, batteries, wires, motors and buzzers next week.  Rock Poetry Day was a success and one of the fourth graders was able to body surf our mosh pit! The 4th grade teachers overheard the remark, “Who thought teachers could be so cool!”  😃
On Friday, we were treated to a reading assembly, hosted by the PCC, that featured Wally from the Red Sox.  It was very exciting and a great way to stay motivated to read.
Tuesday is Tie Dye day, we can’t wait!!!
Have a great weekend, Happy Memorial Day!
Mrs. Williams