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Friday, March 30, 2012

A Big Bite

ELA MCAS is over and soon we will begin preparing for math. We have learned about the southeast this week and finished our unit on wind and clouds. We have been writing limericks in writer's workshop and will really be having fun with poetry in April, which is National Poetry Month. On Friday, all of the 4th and 5th graders were in the gym to do the "Cupid Shuffle." Check it out!

A Big Bite

During Open Circle today we set goals as a class, and as individuals, for the remainder of the school year. We have some big goals to work on in order to be ready for 5th grade but I know everyone can do it!
As a Class
We need to socialize less during morning work and during transition times.
We need to be more respectful, no more talking back or being rude to each other or the teacher.
We need to work cooperatively together and stop arguing with each other during group activities.
We need to make better choices about when we leave our seats during the day, getting up in the middle of a lesson is distracting to others and disrespectful to the speaker.
We need to keep a neater classroom and coat room.
We need to be better listeners because it's frustrating when others don't pay attention and Mrs. Williams has to repeat directions or information many times.

As Individuals
Be nice to everyone.
Keep a neat work space.
Always give your best effort and do your best work.
Make better choices with homework and study time, don't use "Ring that Bell," as your only time to study.
Remember your classroom job and be responsible for it.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Poetry Please!

We have been writing poems about mythology and I had to share this acrostic about Posiedon by Chorr-Kin

Perhaps I have an anger issue
Oceans for the win!
Sometimes I throw tsunami fits!
arthquakes are my best friend.
I live in the ocean.
Droughts are my usual payback plan.
Olympians rule! Titans drool!
Never mess with me.

Friday, March 23, 2012

A Big Bite

Spring is here, even though it feels more like summer, but we are not complaining in room 23! We were able to enjoy our "penny recess," on Thursday, it was a glorious day. As always, we are busy in 4th grade. We completed the MCAS Long Composition test on Tuesday and will finish the Reading portion on Monday and Tuesday of next week. In writer's workshop we will turn our efforts toward poetry in anticipation of National Poetry month in April. Everyone has written poems based on the mythology theme and we will be writing limericks over the next few weeks. The Rock Poetry project has been assigned and will take place on Friday April 13th! We are finishing our unit on mythology in reader's workshop and many of us are enjoying a book group of The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. The Leprechaun speeches were great, everyone did an awesome job! We will begin to prepare for the math MCAS and are finishing chapter 9 on percentages and decimals. We have finished our study of clouds and wind and will be taking a test next week. Our journey across the USA continues in the Southeast. Students will be completing research on a national park of their choice in the southeast region and creating a passport of the park. I love the springtime in 4th grade, it is so much fun! We have many great programs and activities coming up in April, May and June, I can't wait!
Enjoy this beautiful weather.
Mrs. W

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Juicy Nibble

Here is a poem about books and reading from a former student. Great job, Meghan!

Ode to My Books

The books I have read lead me

to many, many exceptional places.

On the voyage through hundreds, if not thousands of novels

I have visited other planets; become a wizard in peril,

fought for my life with the whole country watching, and so much more.

From Good Night Moon to Harry Potter

and Agatha Christie to James Patterson,

I feel as if I have read them all, yet have not read at all.

There is so much left to explore and learn.

When reading a book, you enter into a different world of knowledge;

a whole new life.

The first time you open a book, you open your eyes and

see from an entirely different perspective into this unfamiliar world.

When reading, my brain absorbs knowledge and information

like a sponge hungrily soaks up water.

Each book becomes part of me, and I become the book.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Big Bite

We are busy in room 23! We have been working on clouds in science and made 3 dimensional diagrams of clouds, after we had fun with the inflatable clouds! We learned about about Washington D.C. and the projects look great! We will be traveling to the Southeast next week! In math, we finished chapter 8 and took the test. Everyone is still loving mythology and we learned about more Greek Gods and Goddesses this week, in addition to a few more monsters! We will be learning about Norse mythology this week. A voluntary book group will begin soon on The Lightning Thief, by Rick Riordan. There will be a lot of independent reading outside of class. In writing, we are wrapping up our preparations for the ELA Long composition next week with one more essay on a time we were helpful. A goal for the third term will be improving student responsibilities in preparation for 5th grade. We will be working on remembering to put names on papers, not leaving coats, jackets and book bags strewn in the coat room, and overall organization. I know they can do it! Check out the video of Cutler, Nick and Shea climb the ropes in PE-pretty impressive!
Have a great weekend!
Mrs. Williams

Friday, March 2, 2012

The week back from vacation went really quickly! In reading, we have begun a unit of study on mythology. We learned about Zeus, Hades, Cerberus, Medusa and other mythological beings. We also began writing myth poems. On Friday we celebrated Read Across America Day by reciting the reader's oath, reading Dr. Seuss books and watching Horton Hears a Who. In math we are learning about perimeter and area. Mrs. Y came in on Thursday to work on MCAS open response questions. We are continuing our study of clouds in science. We have spent time in the technology lab working on math facts and doing research on Washington D.C.
Have a great weekend!
Mrs. Williams