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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Juicy Nibble

Here is a poem about books and reading from a former student. Great job, Meghan!

Ode to My Books

The books I have read lead me

to many, many exceptional places.

On the voyage through hundreds, if not thousands of novels

I have visited other planets; become a wizard in peril,

fought for my life with the whole country watching, and so much more.

From Good Night Moon to Harry Potter

and Agatha Christie to James Patterson,

I feel as if I have read them all, yet have not read at all.

There is so much left to explore and learn.

When reading a book, you enter into a different world of knowledge;

a whole new life.

The first time you open a book, you open your eyes and

see from an entirely different perspective into this unfamiliar world.

When reading, my brain absorbs knowledge and information

like a sponge hungrily soaks up water.

Each book becomes part of me, and I become the book.

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