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Friday, September 29, 2017

Author Alert

Author Alert!

An Unlikely Story in Plainville is having a few exciting authors in the coming weeks.  Tickets are free, but needed to attend.  Use the links below to sign up or get more information.  Keep up with their free events by following the Unlikely Story Event Calendar.

Brad Meltzer - Author of the Ordinary People Biography Series (10/4)

Lauren Tarshis ~ Author of the I Survived Series (This has been VERY popular with our class) (10/24) Tickets become available on 10/3.

Juicy Nibble

You asked for it, you got it!

A Big Bite

It was a full week in Room 23.  We finished our unit on addition and subtraction and the test went well!  Check out the Periscope video to watch us reviewing with the game Kahoot! Thanks to Mrs. Merten for creating this game for us and congratulations to Mr. Pickles for winning the first round of Kahoot.  We will begin multiplication and division next week.  In reader's workshop we have wrapped up our launching unit and will begin our first interactive read aloud.  Reading journals are coming along and students are making good progress providing evidence in writing to support their thinking.  We are learning about latitude and longitude in Social Studies and will continue to work on these skills next week.
Loving Mighty Jack and the Goblin King!!!
We made terrariums to observe the water cycle.  We used the extra parts to start a compost pile and will observe it all year.  There was a little excitement before we began when a baby frog was spotted on the hard top.  It had camouflaged itself to blend in with the pavement.  

 Thank you to everyone who sent in extra plant clippings and moss to share, it helped tremendously. 
Dancers of the day as selected by Miss Merten. #letsboogie
We had a great visit with author Amy Nielander.  She told us all about her writing process when creating a book.  It was awesome!  If you  would like a book, please send in the order form that was sent home on Thursday, thanks!
We are bananas for book talks!
Puff Mobiles continue and we will race sometime in the next two weeks.
Students, please click here to complete a short survey.  All responses should be completed by 6:00 p.m. on Sunday.

You're It!

This week's You're It! #happygirl

Friday, September 22, 2017

Juicy Nibble

Hey gang, do you remember when Engineer Peter told us that sometimes bridges can be replaced in a weekend by using prefabricated materials? Well, it is happening in Braintree this weekend! Click here to read the article and see the picture!  Thanks for helping us make real world connections to our learning, Peter!
Route 3 bridge

Author Alert

Author Alert!

Ridley Pearson, author of The Kingdom Keepers series, and Avi, author of Poppy and many, many other books, will be at Wellesley Books in October.  Tickets are free, but required for these events.  More information can be found here.

A Big Bite

On Monday, Peter and Andrew, Franklin High School Alum came to JFK to talk about engineering.  Peter is a former JFK Ladybug and had Mrs. Williams as a teacher when he was in the 4th grade and he remembers doing the Puff Mobile Project! Andrew went to Oak Street and is the son of our very own Mrs. Leenhouts.  They are both Civil Engineers and have agreed to be our "Engineers in Residence this year!! We learned so much and had a great time working with them. They showed us pictures and videos of what they do  and talked about all that they do as engineers every day.  They worked hard in school and are both pursuing their dreams.   Andrew even played for the San Francisco Giants before dedicating full time to his engineering career.  We can't wait to share our finished projects with them and are looking forward to when they return in the spring to help us with another engineering project!  Thanks, Peter and Andrew!!! You are an inspiration to us. :)Check out the Periscope video on the Twitter feed to see part of their presentation.
Andrew and Peter, FPS Alumni!
Peter, one of our Engineers in Residence, consults with a group on their design.
Book talks continue to inspire others to read some fantastic books! 
Working on Puff Mobiles!

End of the week web!

Ask your child about some of the other amazing happenings in Room 23 this past week!

T-shirt of the day

Sound advice!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Saturday, September 16, 2017

A Big Bite

Our first full week was great! We had Len Cabral tells us stories as a celebration of summer reading.   We have been writing all of our hopes and dreams for fourth grade in writer's workshop and writing bio poems in poetry workshop.  Developing routines in reader's workshop has been our focus and will continue to be for the next few weeks.  We also had two great book talks. We love sharing great books with others.  I am ordering Amulet 8 and Mighty Jack 2 this weekend.  There will be a sign up/waiting list for when they come in.  We have had several people sign up and are ready to talk about great books next week.  The place value test is complete and the effort was wonderful; great job by everyone, we learned so much!  Participating in centers was one way that we prepared for the test.  We will engage in  math centers throughout the year in addition to enrichment math projects to synthesize and apply the fourth grade math standards.  
Creative Arts Friday continues to be a fan favorite this week.  Ask your child about their experience.  Another focus this past week has been  on working cooperatively in groups in preparation for all of the group work that we will do this year.  Our first project kicks off next week with a presentation on the Engineering Process by former FPS students and current engineers.  It will be so much fun!  Ask your child about the many ways we have been preparing to work in cooperative groups.
Science and Social Studies get underway next week, in addition to word study.  All of the pieces are coming together for a great year with this group of learners!  Ask your child to tell you all about the pictures below; they show many highlights from our week. 

We took time this week for a mid morning meeting to discuss how to handle conflicts with each other.  We agreed to apologize and "make a repair," if we hurt someone, and we also agreed to "forgive and forget." This is SUCH a great group of students who will have an amazing fourth grade experience as they grow and change throughout the year. I am looking forward to watching them continue to grow into the wonderful people that I know they will be.
It was great to see so many families this week at the curriculum afternoon.  If you were unable to make the meeting, the meeting Agenda and the handbook were sent home with your student.  In addition, I have been calling families to check in to see how things are going so far this year.  If you have not received a call from me, don't worry!  I plan on completing all calls by the end of this week.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me: or call em at 508-541-5260 ext 2023 and I will return your call ASAP.
Have a great weekend!
Mrs. Williams
End of the week meeting.  Our first "yarn web." So cool!