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Friday, March 26, 2010

A Big Bite

Photo-Winners of the Olympic Reading Raffle.
It was a good week in room 23. We finished our mythology unit with some Norse myths and three legends. One was from Peru and the other two were from Africa. Next week, we will take the ELA MCAS and create trioramas based on one of the legends. We will be focusing on poetry during the next month and will be reading two novels written in poetry form. We will write poems about elements in mythology and learn about the rock poetry project. In math, we have been working on area and perimeter, fractions, decimals and percents. We have continued to learn about the midwest, particularly the Native American tribes of this region. We have finished clouds and wind in science and will move on to wild weather, weather fronts and the jet stream next week!
Have a great weekend and get plenty of rest on Sunday night, we take the first ELA test on Monday morning!

By, Gracie

Poem of the Week-3/26

There once was a monkey named Lou,
who forgot how to tie her own shoe.
She waited and thought
and came up with a knot
But that did not work for Lou's shoe.
By, Ted

There once was a boy named Jake,
who ate a lot of cake.
He had to go on a diet,
he became very quiet,
then he was called Jake the snake.
By, Jake

There once was a man,
who was a big fan
of the baseball team the Red Sox.
For they found out he was a fox,
so then he ran, and ran, and ran!
By, Bryan

There once was a big talking bubble,
who's dream was to juggle.
When it got to the top,
it abruptly went, pop!
Now he is in really big trouble.
By, Tyler

Once there was a tiny fairy,
her name was Mary.
Mary loved to fly,
she always said good-bye,
and her best friend's name was Shary.
By, Laura

There once was a little green fish,
who had his very own dish.
He told a very bad joke,
so his dish broke,
and then he made a very big wish.
By, Tabitha

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Juicy Nibble

Here we are at the closing ceremony of the JFK Reading Olympics. In one of the photos I am receiving a gold medal from Mrs. Richards. We had 100% participation in the reading incentive program. Way to go readers!
In another photo, Andrew is winning one of the prizes in the grade level raffle. He won a copy of Freeze Frame a photographic histroy of the Winter Olympics by Sue Macy. Matt won Ice Hockey and Curling by Robin Johnson.
Here is a picture of all of us with the medal. The students wanted me to hang the medal from the whiteboard, but not just yet. I want to wear it just a little bit longer. As Bryan says, "It's good to be a champion!"

Monday, March 22, 2010

Poem of the Week-3/19

There was a very old man,
Who fried himself in a pan.
then his beard caught on fire,
He hit it with a tire,
and the fire screamed "ow!" and ran.
By, Julia

There once was a mad hatter,
he liked to eat cake batter.
He was very funny,
he was the species of a bunny,
and every day he got fatter!
By, Jolie

There was a young boy named Jack,
who had to move a sack.
He lugged and lugged,
he tugged and tugged,
but he just fell on his back.
By, Justin

Friday, March 19, 2010

Bookworm Buzz

Many of us are reading The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. Three students created a video commercial for Crusty's Waterbed Palace. Great work, girls! Thanks go out to Mr. Whitmore for his help with this video!

I have been reading many great books and will blog about them later on this week. What have you been reading? Please share.
Read on Readers,
Mrs. W

A Big Bite

The week went by very quickly! The nice weather at the end of the week makes all of that rain seem like a distant memory. We have been working very hard to get ready for the ELA MCAS during the next two weeks. The long composition is this Tuesday and the Reading Comprehension will take place the following week. We have continued to learn about wind in science, and will learn about the jet stream next week. We have begun our study of the midwest and will talk more about this exciting region of the United States in the next few weeks. Until next week!
Mrs. Williams

Spotlight Archives


This week, Kristen shared some of her trophies and medals that she has won from her gymanstics competitions. Great job, Kristen!

Poem of the Week-Archives

Poems from March 12th
A dragon who developed strep throat,
went to go buy a new polka dot coat.
But when the coat caught on fire,
and got strung up by a wire, he turned into a fancy parade float!
By Gracie

There once was a big bull frog
who liked to sit on a log.
He wanted to do a jig,
but then along came a big fat pig,
and that pig was a really mean hog. By Ellie

The alien from outer space,
has a really, really big face.
He is out of control mean,
but only in his movie scene,
and his movie part was a case.
By Matt

There once was a boy named Matt
who had a very special bat.
It fell in a hole,
and got taken by a mole,
so he got a shiny top hat.
By Jack

Juicy Nibble

We had a surprise visit from the Harlem wizards today! A few of us were asked to participate in a demonstration of "basketball skills."

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Juicy Nibble

After we finished the Leprechaun speeches, we celebrated with doughnuts! Also, Mrs. MacMurray had us in the gym at the end of the day for the Leprechaun Shuffle. Enjoy!

Friday, March 12, 2010

A Big Bite

This week is a big, big bite because we will be covering the last two weeks! We have added a new gadget at the bottom of this page called "Poem of the week." Check it out!
Also, I have added a new gadget called "Spotlight on..." at the right, which will feature students from room 23 and some of their extra curricular activities. I will be happy to spotlight any child. Please just e-mail a photo of your child to me with a description of the photo and activity. Thanks!
March has been a great month so far in room 23! We have completed chapter 8 in math and took our test today. We have finished our study of the Southeast and saw projects from Hayley, Chad, Ted and Kass. In science we are rolling along in the weather unit and were treated to a special presentation by Fox 25 Meteorologist, Kevin Lemanowicz. Next week we will be learning about wind and the jet stream.

There is much to report about our language arts studies. We are a GOLD MEDAL class because we have all completed our reading forms and turned them in on time to Mrs. Richards for the Olympic reading program. Also, we have read 801 books so far as a class. Our study of mythology is going well and we will move on to Norse myths next week. We have been working hard to get ready for MCAS by completing open response questions and writing personal narratives. We will do another personal narrative next week. We also have taken some time to write some very funny limericks! I am looking forward to hearing the leprechaun speeches next week. Will everyone wear green or might there even be a few leprechauns present in room 23?

There have been many questions about the MCAS and what it will involve. In Open Circle we have been talking about stress, ways to handle stress and what to do if you get stressed during the test. We will continue this discussion next week.

Next week is shaping up to be a very exciting week....STAY TUNED!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Juicy Nibble

It has been a great week for science and weather. These are pictures of us making "cloud" pictures and listening to Kevin Lemanowicz, meteorologist from Fox 25 in Boston. Justin and Nicole were volunteers in two demonstrations. Nicole was the earth and Justin was hot air.