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Friday, December 20, 2019

A Big Bite

We have been learning all about weathering, erosion and deposition through inquiry based learning and a variety of science experiments.  There is so much to learn about the Earth.

 Our grade level school supply drive for our friends in Mexico was a huge success!  Thanks so much to everyone who contributed to the project.

We have been working hard to learn about different non fiction text structures and text features by reading all about Canada.
Thank you for the generous gift in my honor to the New York Police and Fire Widows' & Children's Benefit Fund.  You have MADE my holiday. :)  Everyone should get the opportunity to participate in a 21 student group hug, it feels wonderful!
The party in a bag was a huge success and there was even a surprise at the end.  Ask your student all about it.

Have a wonderful holiday break and see you in 2020!!
Mrs. Williams

Saturday, December 14, 2019

A Big Bite

Here are some videos to show the patial quotients method of division.

Friday, December 6, 2019

A Big Bite

It was certainly an interesting weather week in Franklin!  A snowy wet Monday followed by the first snow day on Tuesday was a fun way to start our week.  We started Wednesday with a presentation on the First Nations of the Arctic by the Haffenreffer Museum.  Students were able to touch various animal skins and one of them was a mink.  This inspired Mrs. A to bring her best yard sale find ever to school, a mink coat!!!! Ask your child how much Mrs. A paid for the coat. :)  Each student was able to try the coat on and we all agreed that even though it was warm, it was HEAVY!!  What a great way to kick off our unit on Canada!
We learned about weathering and erosion by participating in an experiment called, "Sugar Shake."  Check out the pictures below!
The Princess in Black is a popular series in fourth grade and we were able to participate in a webinar with the authors, Shannon and David Hale.  It was so cool to hear the authors talk about their books.
The community service project for F. J Múgica School in Oaxaca, Mexico, kicked into high gear.  We will be sending off our donations next week.  We also were able to Skype with some of the students at the school!  We shared information about US culture and answered their questions about Kennnedy school.  They practiced speaking English with us.  We will Skype with them again when they receive the package.  Great job to everyone who has made this project happen.
Division is all the rage in math and it is DIFFERENT from how parents learned how to divide.  You are welcome to join us on Tuesday at 9 for a math class if you would like to learn more about the, "low stress," method of long division.  There will be a math test next Friday.
Have a great weekend.
Mrs. Williams