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Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Big Bite

It was a short but productive week in room 23. Reader's Workshop is going well, and as a class we have read 106 books so far this year!Students should be reading at home, for 15 minutes a night. They should be reading the same book at home as they are reading in the workshop. In writer's workshop we continue to work on writing stamina. We will be focusing on "zooming in on one idea," when writing, and have begun to use this strategy by writing a list poem. In math, we are reviewing place value and reading and writing numbers into the billions. Everyone is doing a great job but would benefit from extra practice at home. On Friday we had an engineering presentation from Mr. Adams, the JFK Engineer in Residence. Students then worked in groups to create a schematic for their puff mobile. Cooperative group skills is one of the goals of this project. In Open Circle we played the stand up/sit down game to learn more about each other and to find out what we have in common. The Open Circle homework is to find out two things about a classmate that you didn't know before. Also, we will be building our terrariums this week, so everyone will need a jar. Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Williams

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