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Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Big Bite

4th grade continues to be fun and full of new learning. We are wrapping up our launching unit in reader's workshop and everyone is doing a better job of choosing "just right," books. Our next step will be to start an interactive read aloud, I can't wait!! In writer's workshop we are working on "Discovery drafts," and continuing our year long study of poetry with Poetry Fridays. We have written bio poems and list poems and will be moving on to haiku. The chapter two math test will be this week. The puff mobiles are almost finished and we will be testing them this week. In social studies we have been working on map skills and we will be learning about exact location using latitude and longitude points. We completed two science experiments this week; we are testing soil samples to see which will grow grass seed best and we built terrariums to recreate mini ecosystems and to observe the water cycle. We also worked on non fiction writing by writing a lab report for the terrarium experiment. In Open Circle, students shared the fun facts that they had learned about each other in order to find out what we all have in common. It was a great activity and the students will repeat it for this week. In addition, we worked on "calm breathing," and realized how great it was that Open Circle coincides with all of our yoga work. Speaking of yoga, Rise and Shine Yoga will begin next week. Click here to sign up! Have a great weekend!
Mrs. Williams

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