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Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Big Bite

It was a short and quick week in room 23. The children tell me that the days pass quickly and they enjoy how busy we are; there is little time to lose focus or get "bored." We have completed the launching unit in Reader's Workshop and will begin our first interactive read aloud this week. In writer's workshop, many of us are finished with the first draft of a "seed idea," and will begin another draft this week. Poetry Fridays continue to be a highlight of writer's workshop. Students are able to take the skills they are learning in writer's workshop and apply them to writing poetry. We have completed chapter 2 in math and will begin multiplication next week. On Monday, we will go to the tech lab for the first time to practice multiplication and division facts. Do you know how to find exact locations on a map given latitude and longitude degree points? The 4th graders in our class do! We played "Who will drive the bus and run the GPS," this week, and we all agree that Pat should be the driver! We used the microscope to view salt crystals and pond water samples. Kate's sample from the marsh behind her house had some of the most fascinating organisms. Thanks to Kate and her dad for obtaining such a great sample on such a rainy night! There will be a social studies and a science test this week; study guides were sent home last week. Monday is library, don't forget your book! We are continuing to make good progress with transitions and behavior at specials. I think we earned 4 parrots last week; great job everyone, keep it up! Thanks to everyone who brought in wipes to help keep our desks clean and germ free!
Mrs. Williams

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