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Friday, December 2, 2016

A Big Bite

We had a full week of fun and learning in Room 23.  We welcomed a new classmate on Tuesday and have had a great time building new friendships.  We are so happy that he has joined our class.😊 
We spent a good deal of time engaged in math centers as we practiced multiplication skills.  We learned more about the country of Canada as we continued studying the genre of non fiction in reading and we had A LOT of fun working on fiction story writing in writer's workshop. Here is a link to the story starters that we were using.  Have fun spinning the wheel!
Danielle Niles, meteorologist from WBZ4 in Boston visited us on Tuesday!  We learned about what it takes to be a meteorologist and we learned some cool weather facts too!  You can see us on the WBZ Facebook page.  Danielle told us, and all of the WBZ viewers, that we were the most well behaved group that she has had this year!  YAY FOR US!!!! #takeabow
Our word of the week was, "stencil."  This poster was created in Art class today. I think that they get it!👍
It was great to see everyone at conferences this week.  Thank you for being so supportive of everything that we do here at school and being such a big part of the Room 23 team!
Mrs. Williams

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