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Friday, December 16, 2016

A Big Bite

On Tuesday we had a visit from the Haffenreffer museum.  We learned all about the Inuit people in Canada.  It was so much fun and we learned a great deal! We discovered that some of us are very skilled at playing some traditional Inuit games.  Woohoo!
We prepared for the science test by playing Kahoot!  It was a fun way to prepare.  Everyone did a great job on the test.  🙌
We participated in our first Mystery Skype this week.  We took a virtual field trip to the Grant Alternative School in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  The 4th graders in Canada shared that they do not have homework, ever.  This will make a great debate topic for us in the new year.  There are so many opinions about this topic that it will make for a lively debate.
We continue to wok on long division, prime and composite numbers and divisibility rules in math.  One highlight was when we used a Venn diagram to sort and classify multiples of 3 and 5 to 40 AND to find the factors of 40 and 48.  By working in pairs and as a class we were able to complete these tasks easily.  There will be a test on division next week and the study guide has been sent home.
Members of the Franklin Fire Department visited us to discuss fire safety in our homes.  They encouraged us to make an escape plan for our homes complete with a meeting place.  Have you discussed your escape plan as a family?  If you draw a plan, bring it in to school and I will make sure that the firefighters review your plan.

We have been talking all year about how heroes come in all shapes and sizes.  Friday was a cold day in Massachusetts and a cold one in our classroom.  This gentleman was our hero today as he fixed the heat and got us nice and warm.  THANKS!!
While writing poetry, I posted a picture of a fireplace to the board to help us get in the mood for writing winter poems.  Some students commented that the picture actually made the classroom feel warmer.  I love the power of positive thinking!
Talk to your child about all of the other activities that we participated in this week.  Take a look at our Tweets, they help to tell our story from this past week!
Enjoy the weekend,
Mrs. Williams

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