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Friday, December 9, 2016

A Big Bite

This week's post is just a quick snapshot of some of the many activities that took place in Room 23 this past week.  As you scroll through the post, ask your child to give you all the details about the happenings; it sure was busy!  Don't forget to check out our Twitter roll, there were some funny tweets this week!  Also, there are new posts to the 4th grade blog, check that out too!
Long division was all the rage in math, in addition to some fun math games, working in small groups and having a really interesting conversation about money.  Ask your child to tell you all about the dollar bill story. 😃  The productive struggle of long division is paying off in huge "dividends," (I couldn't resist) as everyone's confidence is improving.  We will be ready for the test in two weeks!  
Our new interactive read aloud is Little Dog, Lost by Marion Dane Bauer and the students are loving it!  We are focusing on author's craft, point of view, and fact vs. opinion as new skills and are independently working on theme and writing in response to reading.  We are having fun tracking our thinking with digital journals.  Here is a screen shot of what the shared document looks like.  Technology can be so much fun!

We spent a good deal of time engaged in project based learning in science this week.  Teams worked together to become experts on one type of severe weather.  The groups researched their topic with books and on the Internet to create a poster which was then presented to the class.  EVERYONE did an awesome job and should be well prepared for the unit test on Thursday. 🙌

In poetry workshop, we learned about Robert Louis Stevenson and will be composing rhyming poems in the style of RLS.  This was also a highlight for many students this week.
During technology workshop, the students participated in the hour of code.  This was a highlight for many of the students this week.  Thanks, Mrs. Merten!
In celebration of inclusive schools week/month, we participated in a grade level read aloud, Strictly No Elephants by Lisa Mantchev.  We also completed ladybug spots with the phrase, I feel included when....., look for the ladybug the next time that you are at JFK.
Keep reading, keep practicing those math facts and find some time to play!!

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