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Monday, August 29, 2016

Juicy Nibble

My haul from the Atlantic this year.  I made the candle myself!

Hi everyone!  I am so excited to see you tomorrow morning; we are going to have a great day together!  Our classroom is all set and ready for you.  I will be at the door greeting you when you arrive.  When you come into the classroom tomorrow morning, find a comfortable seat (make sure that you can see the board) and read our morning message.  We have PE tomorrow at 12:20 so don't forget your sneakers.  I will give you time to change into your sneakers tomorrow if you are wearing sandals or shoes because sneakers don't match your first day outfit, no problem!  Have some fun tonight and try to get some sleep.  I can't wait to meet you and start our 4th grade journey together!
Here are a few pictures of me and my family enjoying the end of summer before heading back to school. See you tomorrow!
Mrs. Williams
Getting in one more beach day with  Mr. W at 2nd Beach in Newport, RI. 
Luke after 3 weeks, "down the shore."

With Liv the night she left for college.

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  1. Best wishes for a successful year in 4th grade! Love, Mrs. Bodkins