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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Juicy Nibble

Class placement letters have been mailed and should be arriving to your home soon.  Perhaps you have already received yours and you know that you have me, Mrs. Ann Williams, as your 4th grade teacher.  There are two teachers named Mrs. Williams teaching 4th grade this year.  I am the shorter one with curly, brown hair.  Mrs. Erin Williams is MUCH taller than me and has straight, blond hair. This is a picture of us taken last year so that you can see who is who. We called this picture, "Dress like a Williams," Day. :)

I have posted a letter for you and one for your family in the Important Documents gadget on the right.  Just click on those documents to learn more about 4th grade and what the year will be like.  Also, take some time to scroll through my blog posts and see what has been going on this summer. Feel free to leave a comment on the blog, the directions are on the right, just make sure that you check with your parents first.  Enjoy the rest of the summer and I will see you soon! I can't wait!

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