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Friday, May 19, 2017

A Big Bite

Math MCAS was this week and everyone worked hard!  We are in the home stretch and after the geometry test, we will be able to focus on math enrichment projects for the rest of the year.  The students are excited to get started on the projects.
We have been experimenting with magnets this week as we start the magnetism and electricity unit.  This is a very engaging unit of study and the students are motivated to lean through an inquiry based method of instruction.  Look at the mazes that they have created!
We created posters for our friends in the GOALS program to help send them off to the Special Olympics on Thursday; so much fun!
We played Kahoot with Mrs. Merten's class to review for the geometry test on Friday.  There were many cheers of, "YESSSS!!!!" when the game was announced.  Congratulations to Hi! who scored the highest number of points. 😊
We are using the strategy of Reader's Theater for our last interactive read aloud, Charlotte's Web.  We made use of the MCAS ready math bulletin board by writing about favorite characters on chart paper. Sometimes writing on the wall is allowed. 😏

Our daily morning meeting always features a fun historical fact and a question to ponder.  Look closely at Wednesday's fact and the question.  Tell us your thoughts on Spaghetti-Os. 
The end of the year is so close and there is so much left to do.  The students are looking forward to all of the end of the year projects and celebrations of learning in 4th grade.  Buckle your seat belt, it is going to be a wild ride!
Mrs. Williams

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