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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Big Bite

Mrs. Merten likes to say that we are "learning until the end," and she is so right!  We finished the last week of school with a STEAM project called "Light your Way," and we were lucky enough to have Mr. Adams return for one more visit to help with the electrical engineering involved in this project.  We had our last grade level community meeting and our mantra for the week was "Relax and Celebrate!"  We had the Blue Ticket auction on the last day and had fun watching the 5th graders play elimination against the teachers.  Mrs. Williams caught some photos of the JFK hawks before school started on Wednesday, it was very cool!  Austin had a great idea for our last closing circle of the year.  Instead of creating a spider web, we created a line design with the string, it was a lot of fun and a great way to extend this math activity into our classroom meeting.  The students expressed their "high points," for the year like; "we did many fun activities," and "I liked Light Your Way."  Also, "I made new friends," and "we had a great class." Some students loved all of the STEM projects that we did with Mrs. Merten's class and others liked the "X" measurement games, the Charlotte's Web plays, have read many books and others said that they had learned a lot.  Thank you to everyone who said that they had a great, amazing, awesome teacher.  YOU ARE ALL GREAT, AMAZING and AWESOME!!!!
Have a wonderful summer, read LOTS of books, eat ice cream and keep up with the blog.  Send me a picture of your summer adventures or write me a note about a book that you have read.  See you in the fall, 5th graders!

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