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Friday, June 3, 2016

A Big Bite: Graduation Edition

This week's post is all about the Seniors, the Seniors who were 4th graders  in Room 23, 8 years ago! They were all so happy and excited to be graduating and moving onto the next phase of their lives.  I am so proud that each and every one one of these amazing young people will be headed off to college in the fall! That's right, 100% of them! I am proud to have been part of their journey through school and am certain that the future is full of possibilities for each of them.  I have their permission to list their plans, and their names.  I couldn't find Sydney R, so I hope that she will send me a picture of herself in her cap and gown.  Also, I lost my pen at the beginning so I wasn't able to write down every one's field of study, but I have done my best to remember them all.  I hope that all of the current 4th graders in Room 23 are inspired by the Seniors. Hard work pays off!  Well done, JFK Ladybugs, well done!

Nick will be attending Bryant University and will be studying Business!
John is headed off to UMass Amherst to study Public Health!

Peter is going to Bryant to study Entrepreneurship and wants to be the CEO of his own company someday!
Sarah is going to The University of New England and will be studying Animal Behavioral Science and Angie is going to George Washington University to study History!
Sydney will be attending Indiana University to study Business or Education!
Cam will be attending Plymouth State to study Information Technology and Criminal Justice!
Rachel wasn't "officially," in my class, but I used to kidnap her from Mrs. Merten often.  She will be attending Northeastern University  to study Nursing and will spend her first semester in Dublin, Ireland!
Nick will be attending UMass Amherst to study Business!

Karthik will be attending Dean College and Gavin will be attending the University of Hartford to study Cinema!

I hope that all of the current 4th graders in Room 23 are inspired by the Seniors.  Hard work pays off!  Good Luck, Class of 2016, be happy and follow your dreams!
Mrs. Williams

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  1. Great photos Mrs. Williams! How nice of you to share in their graduations. Hard to believe Austin will be there in 8 years!