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Saturday, June 11, 2016

A Big Bite

What a week!!! Sports Day, The Chorus and Recorder concert and The Coffeehouse today!  Thanks for all of the treats and to everyone who sent me pictures of the Coffeehouse!  Thanks to Mrs. Sharma, Mrs. Kilroy and Mrs. O'Brien for sharing pictures with me. Great job at the Mic by Mrs. Ryan and Mrs. Bond.  Make sure you click on the videos at the bottom of the post.  We are in the home stretch now!

Here is a copy of the poem that I wrote for the children, inspired by Adi's linking Haiku.  If you have a video of it, let me know and we can post it here!


So full of wonder
you walked through the classroom door
and found your new seat

You've spent the past months
growing and learning so much
My, it has been grand!

Now it's time to go
Fifth grade is waiting for you
I know that you'll SOAR

Twenty twenty four
I will come looking for you
at Graduation

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