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Friday, October 31, 2014

A Big Bite

Happy Halloween!  The happy faces in these pictures tell the story of a fun week in room 23.  We finished addition and subtraction of large numbers and everyone did a great job on the test.  In writer's workshop we participated in flexible groups with Mrs. Merten's class to publish three separate pieces of writing.  Students finished a project on the Chrome books, published Haiku poems and completed the editing and publication of a piece of narrative writing.  We focused on non fiction reading strategies in reader's workshop. We incorporated our unit of study on Mexico into reader's workshop as we read non fiction across several texts in addition to watching power points on the country of Mexico.  Our goal is to practice close reading and to use a variety of media to write a well balanced response to questions about Mexico.  Reading across the curriculum is an important skill.  Black and white day was a huge success and a lot of fun for students.  It was great to celebrate this book together as a class. Mrs. Merten has published some great pictures from our Pictionary game; click here to see them.   We even made a line plot of our black and white snacks; Oreos were the clear favorite.  On Friday, we worked on Halloween related word study skills and math activities.  The party in a bag was a hit with students. The teachers even had a surprise in store for the students for Dance Party Friday; check out the video below. :) We are looking forward to the student council speeches and election next week.  Don't forget to practice your speech over the weekend. :)
Have a safe Halloween and a great weekend.
Mrs. Williams

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