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Saturday, October 11, 2014

A Big Bite

Looking at salt and sugar under the microscope
math games!
A package from the South Pole!
Using the Chrome Books to practice math facts
Another math center as part of test review

It was another exciting week in room 23!  We finished chapter 2 in math and everyone did a great job on the test.  We tried out some different math centers as a way to prepare for the test and the Chrome Book station was everyone's favorite!  We watched a video on how to use the microscope and looked at salt and sugar crystals in science.  It was very cool to see the differences between these two variables.  In addition, we learned about "variables,"  and are trying to grow grass in three different soil and sand mixtures.  We are hoping that we will see some growth on Tuesday.  There will be a science quiz this week and the study guide was sent home last week.  Learning how to find exact locations on earth using specific coordinates is difficult, but with practice, I know that this is a map skill that we can master.  In writer's workshop, we are working on perfecting leads and are writing drafts of a narrative.  We also are working on different types of sentences, subjects and predicates and long and short vowels in words.  Nouns will be the next topic that we tackle.  The list poems that we have been writing are really coming along, look for some of them to be posted next week in the Poetry, Please post. :)  During tech workshop with Mrs. Merten, the students learned how to sign in to their math accounts to view the EnVision textbook.  A small pink paper was sent home on Friday with instructions for logging in to the account.  I will be changing the passwords next week on all of the accounts, so stay tuned for an Envision update.  We have started our first interactive read aloud of the year in Reader's workshop, Mr. Popper's Penguins by Florence and Richard Atwater.  Ask your child to tell you about the packages that arrived to Kennedy School for me and Mrs. Merten.  We will be practicing making predictions, tracking character traits, responding to thick and thin questions in writing and vocabulary as part of the skills for this novel.  In addition, everyone is doing a great job keeping up with their independent reading and reading journals.  I will take a book count next week but I am going to guess that as a class, we have read over 100 books so far this year.  Stay tuned!  There aren't any surveys this weekend, enjoy the holiday on Monday!
Mrs. Williams

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