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Friday, December 3, 2010

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Run like the wind!
Nitin loves sports, is a good athlete and a very fast runner. The Town of Franklin organizes a 1.2 mile kids’ race during the 4th of July celebrations every year and Nitin has won first place in this race, in his age group for the last two years. This year, he also won the first place overall and ran faster than all the 7-13 year olds who participated in the race (over 150 kids). He completed the 1.2 mile race in 6 minutes and 43 seconds. He was recognized as the fastest kid on his flag football team, basketball team, soccer team and baseball teams in 3rd grade. His coaches and team parents called him “Speedy”. Nitin is a good athlete and was selected to be on the “A” Team for soccer and basketball in 4th grade. His coaches and his parents appreciate that Nitin is not a “ball hog” and is very good at passing the ball in both soccer and basketball. He works hard and plays with full commitment to his team. We are proud of his sportsmanship and enjoy watching the “Speedy Nitin”.

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