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Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Big Bite

It has been a very busy time in room 23! We finished The Family Under the Bridge yesterday, and ended our food drive for the Franklin Food Pantry today. We talk so often about how readers talk about their reading and write about their reading, and today we were able to act in response to our reading. Your generosity was overwhelming. As a grade we collected 413 pounds of food-AMAZING!!! Thanks to everyone who donated to the food pantry, and to Mr.Landry who volunteered to help deliver the food. He also brought a corporate donation from Ocean Spray, via Mrs. Landry, so thanks to Ocean Spray as well!
Here are some pictures of us in math centers preparing for the chapter 5 math test. Also, we made barometers in our weather teams and talked about how wind makes weather and that there are different types of air pressure systems that affect the weather.It was wonderful to see all of you at conferences last week, where has the school year gone? Thanks for your donations to the wishing well, I have been able to use the donations for classroom supplies and new books for our classroom library. YEAH!!!Next week will go by quickly, as we have so much planned and plenty to accomplish. It is a busy time of year indeed!
Mrs. Williams

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