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Monday, December 6, 2010

Juicy Nibble

Today was our Yoga class before school, what a great way to start our week together. Thanks to everyone who volunteered to get up early and come in to school to practice Yoga with me. Everyone seemed to have a great time. Some of the quotes from this morning are: "I thought the Yoga was fun and I liked the game, "; "The archer pose was cool!"; "I liked the breathing,"; "I liked when we had to lie down and listen to music for five minutes," and overwhelmingly, everyone liked the music. Thanks to Shakta Kaur Khalsa for her Radiant Child music CDs, Cozy , Happy and Deeply Relax and Meditate, and for helping me start on my journey of teaching yoga to children. Check out some of the pictures that Mrs. Merten and Mrs. Adams took of us at class this morning.


  1. It's great to see the videos of the kids doing yoga. Nice blog - I found it from Shakta's blog.

  2. Dear Young Yoga Masters,
    Thanks for your comment-we do love our yoga! I have started a new blog devoted just to Yoga-it's in the gadgets on the right-check it out! I am hoping to get a yoga club up and running at our school, stay tuned!