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Monday, February 13, 2017

Juicy Nibble

WOW!! Another snow day, oh boy! I had planned for us to make Valentine card holders today, but that isn't going to happen, so.....why don't you try making one at home?  It is VERY cold outside and you won't be able to be out there for long, so when you are done reading, try some crafting.  You can use whatever supplies you have around the house, paper plates, boxes etc.  I think a paper bag is the easiest to decorate!  Just use markers, crayons or any other supplies that you have and decorate.  You will be using this to hold your Valentine's and tomorrow you will fill the holders of other students first thing!  I have posted a few pictures of some Valentine holders as examples, but feel free to do create your own unique design! Have fun and remember to put your name on it.  Also, help out by cleaning up all of your supplies. 😊  I know this question is coming from a few of you, "Do I have to do it?"  If you do not, your classmates will make a pile of Valentine's on your desk which will have to be stored in your backpack until it is time for "Party in a bag." So, you decide if you "have to do it."
Happy Crafting!
Mrs. W
Image result for Valentines Card Holders20 creative Valentine Card Holders ~ adorable ideas for the kids Valentine's Day Party

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