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Friday, February 10, 2017

A Big Bite

We have been very busy these past two weeks with studying fractions and this work will continue after the winter break.  The snow storm coincided with a major plot point in Snow Treasure, our latest interactive read aloud, so we couldn't have planned the snow day any better.  The genre of "adventure," is new to many students and everyone seems to be really enjoying it.  We especially like the use of chapter cliffhangers as an author's craft.  Many students are reading books by African American authors and illustrators and we are enjoying the stories.  Some students are putting together Google Presentations to showcase their learning and they look great so far!  It will be exciting to share them when they are done.  Our essays are at the rough draft stage and many students are adding mini stories to support their claim.  We have been working with Mrs. Richards in word study and have been studying "agents."  We look forward to working with her more in the future. Washington D.C. projects are due next Thursday and we have moved onto the southeast.  Many of us have visited the southeast and love it there, but would prefer to live in the northeast.  The southeast just gets too hot for many of us and we like the culture of the northeast. 
We will be celebrating Valentine's Day next week with party in a bag.  Students will be able to distribute their Valentine's on Tuesday morning!  Make sure that you follow us on Twitter @shinyredapple23.  We love to LIVE Tweet parts of our day!

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