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Friday, October 28, 2016

A Big Bite

Another full week!  We are really accomplishing so much during the full weeks.  We participated in math centers, took a math test AND started a new math unit.  We played a game with Mrs. Merten's class called, "Ring that Bell," to help prepare for the social studies class.  It was so much fun! We are really enjoying Mr. Popper's Penguins and are working hard to improve our skills in writing in response to reading. As part of our word study, we are examining the four different types of sentences and will be tracking sentences during nightly reading.  Writing teams have been working to provide specific feedback for revision of narratives to individual team members.  We are practicing using feedback other than, "good story," or "I liked your story," to help each other make changes to written work.  This can be hard but everyone is trying to be as specific as possible with their feedback.  We will work on this all year.  List poems are almost complete in poetry workshop and we will be writing partner poems next week.  The science quiz on weather instruments, air pressure and the water cycle will be on Wednesday.
Our grade level meeting on Monday morning, daily morning meetings in the classroom and end of the week class meeting are a great way for us to build community in the classroom and help us all to learn and grow together.  It was fun to have Mrs. McNeil join us on Wednesday morning.  We had just shared with each other what we had eaten for dinner on Tuesday night and Mrs. McNeil jumped right into the conversation.  It was exciting to learn what she had for dinner on Tuesday; ask your child if they remember what she ate, it was a very interesting and fun dinner!
Monday is Halloween and should be a fun filled day.  Don't forget your, "party in a bag!"
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Sunday is Diwali!! Happy Holiday!

Have a great weekend!
Mrs. Williams

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