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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Bookworm Buzz

For week two of the #GNCelebration, I have chosen another sci-fi series, Zita the Spacegirl, by Ben Hatke, as my “pick of the week.”  This trilogy has been just right for those readers who love Amulet, and it is a great series to start with for those readers who are a little challenged by the Amulet series. Book 2, The Return of Zita and book 3, The Legends of Zita, are as enjoyable as the first book, and they allow readers to start and finish a series within a reasonable amount of time. I have trouble keeping this book on my shelves!

As with Amulet, Zita the Spacegirl features strong female characters who can think for themselves, act with courage and conviction, and be role models for girls AND boys. Ben Hatke is an author to be followed.  Hatke’s work should be shared with middle grade students. It is never too early to hook readers into an author, especially one who writes in a genre that is popular with readers at all levels.

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  1. This is in my HUGE pile of GN -- I will move it to the top. Thanks for sharing your reasons why - you hooked us with strong female characters.
    Clare and Tammy