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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Bookworm Buzz


Grilled cheese, Sloppy Joe, tacos!  In honor of National School Lunch week, I am celebrating the Lunch Lady Series by Jared Krosoczska!  When the Babymouse series made its debut in my classroom, students were curious if there were any other graphic novels “out there” that were similar in format and style but not pink. Lo and behold, along came the Lunch Lady Series.  It was a hit right away and continues to thrill readers today.  Students connect to main characters Dee, Terrence, and Hector, and they love Lunch Lady and her sidekick Betty, not to mention all of the kitchen gadgets they use to fight crime in the school and the community.  All of the books in the series are connected, but readers can read one book as a stand alone novel.  Like the Amulet series, many of the Lunch Lady books have been borrowed permanently from my classroom library.  When the last book in the series was released, there was genuine disappointment that the tales of the Lunch Lady were over and students were loathe to say goodbye to some of their favorite characters.  It is very rewarding to know that characters have made such a lasting impression on readers.  Now, when I introduce the Lunch Lady to readers, they are as excited to get to know the characters and their tales as the first students who were instantly hooked on this series years ago.  
So, for week three of the #GNCelebration, I salute Jared Krosoczska and the Lunch Lady series, and all of the Lunch Ladies across the nation who by their hard work and dedication make sure our students are fed each and every day!  They are the true super heroes, whether they fight crime like the Lunch Lady and Betty, or serve hot meals to hundreds of students daily, a school day would not be complete without them or without lunch! I just can’t get Adam Sandler out of my head; maybe it’s time for a meatloaf sandwich!

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  1. We love Jared Krosoczska's book and can't believe he grew up right around the corner in Worcester, MA. Have you watched his Ted Talk? - He had a difficult life so you may want to watch it before you show parts to students