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Friday, January 16, 2015

A Big Bite

As you can see, we had a busy week in room 23! We have been using pattern blocks and fraction bars to learn about fractions and have been playing a dice game to compare fractions.  We are "pushing out thinking," in writing and next week we will craft thesis statements in order to write essays on topics that are important to us.  The big question in Social Studies this past weeks was, "what is a region?"  We learned about the many elements that make up a region and we will begin our tour of the US in the Northeast next week.  On Friday, we spent time with all of the other 4th grade classes learning about Martin luther King, Jr. and completed an in class comprehension activity about his life.In reader's workshop we are continuing to examine character's feelings, cause/effect relationships and author's craft in the book Snow Treasure, by Marie McSwigan.  We are focusing on writing like readers and reading like writers.  We are reviewing the water cycle and talking about humidity and precipitation in science.  Even though many of us like snow, we are happy not to have had any snow days yet this year.  
As a class, we have earned over 30 gingerbread men for great cooperation and attitude in class and in specials, like Art, Music, Health, PE and Library.  We will celebrate our success next week with a special class activity. Great work everyone!

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