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Monday, March 28, 2011

A Big Bite

Last week was very busy. We took the MCAS long composition on Tuesday and continued final preparations for the reading test this week. In math, we continued working on chapter 9, decimals, fractions and percents. We learned about the jet stream and wind in Science. As part of our study of the United States, we continued to tour the southeast. We all agreed that the southeast is a very unique part of our country. Many of us have visited states in the southeast, in particular Florida. We are finishing writing the second district writing prompt. April is National Poetry month and there will be many great poetry activities for us to complete. We can't wait for spring to get here, it's been cold for too long! Check out the Important Dates Gadget for upcoming tests and projects. Thanks goes out to everyone who helped contribute to our "lottery basket," for the ladybug auction. Have a great week! Mrs. Williams

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