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Friday, June 18, 2010

A Big Bite

The Headlight

The Beltbulb

The Wristlight


The Power Circuit

WOW!!!! The LAST full week of 4th grade is done! September seems so long ago. We spent the week reflecting on all that we have learned this year. In reading, our final book count for the year was 1,145 books-that's approximately 45 books per student at a little more than one book read per week. Also, we have reflected on our goals in Reader's Workshop and talked about the great progress that we have made. Attitudes about reading have "changed dramatically," to quote one student. Many students report that they enjoy reading much more now than they did in September. Nothing could make me happier! Great job everyone and KEEP READING! In math, we completed our string art designs, they look awesome! On Friday, we completed the "Light Your Way," engineering activity as a culminating project in the electricity unit (see pictures above). Ask your child to talk about the hands free light they created with their team. We have created posters showing the year in pictures using articles from Time For Kids. We have written brief captions for each picture on our poster. In music, the students had Show and Tell and there were several outstanding performances on the guitar, violin and piano. This is a very musically/artistically inclined class. Mrs. Mac was very impressed!
The weekend looks like a hot one, try to stay cool and look for our last post of the year on Monday!
Mrs. Williams

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