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Saturday, May 11, 2019

A Big Bite

What a week!  On Monday, we participated in the last session of the Haffenreffer Museum as we learned about the Hopi of the southwest.  It was a great way to start last leg of our journey around the USA. Thanks to the PCC for funding this enrichment program. 😊  Ivan day was a huge success; there were art activities, engineering tasks, reading and vocabulary tasks and a bar graph of our snacks as a math learning activity.  Charlotte's Web is our new interactive read aloud and we identified the elements of friendship as it is the theme of the book.  We are continuing to write poems, and are working on concepts of energy in science.
Only 25days to go and there is still SO MUCH more to go.  As Mrs. Merten says, "We are always learning until the last minute!"

Week two of knitting club!

Thank you for the beautiful flowers, gifts and notes. I am very appreciative of your kindness.  

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