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Friday, January 12, 2018

A Big Bite

Last week's snow days may have slowed us down a little bit, but we have done SO MUCH during the past seven school days.  Dr. Ashley joined our community meeting to talk about recess fun and playing safe.  She is going to work on getting us some new equipment for recess.  Thanks, Dr. Ashley!
Our new unit of study in science is Animal and Plant adaptations and what better way to kick off the unit than with an in house field trip from the Museum of Science!  Thanks to the PCC for sponsoring this enrichment opportunity.  
We completed travel brochures on Canada and they were great!  Students participated in a gallery walk of the completed brochures.  We learned a great deal from each other's work.  We will be learning about the Northeast over the next few weeks.  Good times!

We continue to share the books that we love in reader's workshop and even got a like/retweet from author, Kwame Alexander!  It is so exciting when that happens.  We are working on identifying main ideas and details in non fiction texts and videos about dogs in order to write an essay about the perfect dog for our family.  We will also be writing essays in writer's workshops on topics that are important to us.  We live the motto, "we read like writers and write like readers."  We are working on verbs in word study and are looking for them in independent reading.  Keep reading!!
Fractions, fractions, fractions!!! For the next six-eight weeks, we will be studying fractions in math workshop.  Fractions are everywhere and are part of our life every day so we are working on mastering basic concepts about fractions.  We will be adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions.  I am so excited and so are the students.  MANY of them said that math was GREAT this week.  Music to my ears. 😊  Keep working on multiplication and division facts at home.
Image result for fraction strips
The concert on Friday was FANTASTIC!! Everyone looked great and sounded wonderful.  They are all heroes in my opinion.  Check out my Twitter feed on the right to see two videos froom today's performance. I love my job; being a teacher at JFK is THE BEST job in the world. #nothingjustlikethis. 😂😂😂😂😂😂
We spent time on Friday as an entire grade listening to parts of Dr. Marting Luther King Jr's. "I Have A Dream Speech," while looking at Kadir Nelson's book, I Have A Dream.  We watched a presentation on his life and completed an activity about the presentation.  It is important for us to understand WHY we have Monday off from school.  We agreed that Dr. King's birthday is a great day to remember and celebrate because of his impact on the world and The United States.

Have a great weekend.  Stay Warm!
Mrs. Williams

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