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Friday, June 2, 2017

A Big Bite-Graduation edition, part 1!

 Tonight was the graduation ceremony for the class of 2017 at Franklin High School.  It was my great pleasure to meet the graduates before the ceremony, take a picture with them, and learn about their future plans.  They are amazing people and were wonderful students.  Stay tuned for part two next week when the Tri County and Mt. Saint Charles graduates come to JFK to see me.  Congratulations class of 2017, go conquer the world!
Cameron will attend American University and study Political Science.  He has always been a great "people person," and will work hard to make the world a better place!
Riley will attend Mass College of Art and study Photography!  Watch out Annie Liebovitzz!
Amanda will attend Syracuse University and major in Bio-Chemistry.  She has always loved science and will be a pioneer for other women!
Narise will attend Hofstra University and study psychology.  Her kind smile and calm nature will help many people. 😃
Madison will take a Gap year and take classes on line.  Get well soon, the world needs you!
Hatim will attend UMASS Lowell and study business. He will go far in the business world, for sure!
Alex will attend WPI and will major in Bio-Medical Engineering.  He will be helping others with his expertise and helping others is something he has always done well. 
Erin will attend Endicott College and  major in Nursing.  She is a very kind person and will be a wonderful nurse, I just know it!
Josh will attend WPI and major in Computer Science.  He will take his positive attitude and make a huge impact on the computer world, I just know it!  I couldn't believe he is 6'4" and he couldn't believe that I am 5'2", he remembers me being much taller! 😂
Amanda will attend Syracuse University and major in Biology. Studying science will take her far, I just know it!
Brendan will attend UNH to study Music Education.  Brendan is going to be a TEACHER!!!! YAY!!!!
Ally is going to Mass Bay Community College and will study life sciences.  Such a sweet person, Ally will go far!

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