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Friday, April 28, 2017

A Big Bite

We are in the final push to the end of the year after a long spring break!! It sounds like everyone had a great week with many students taking trips and enjoying time with family and friends. There were even a few foreign countries visited during break; Sawyer went to Iceland and Eiley went to Ireland. Also,  Mrs. Chandler completed the Boston Marathon, way to go Mrs. C!  The weather was great here in New England and has set us up for a delightful spring.
We completed the ELA MCAS this week AND we even finished The One and Only Ivan.  As part of National Poetry Month, we continued to write poetry and created Spine poems.  On Friday, we celebrated Poem in Your Pocket Day by sharing poems with each other.  We even stopped in to share poems with our 2nd grade friends in Mrs. Wilmarth's class.  She had a surprise for us!  She asked her former students to read the poems that they had written when they were in her class.  It was so much fun and AMAZING to see how far everyone has grown as poets.  Check out the Periscope video of our live Tweet when we were in Mrs. Wilmarth's room!
We have started geometry in math and are working on finishing our unit of study on adaptations in science.  
Next week Ms. Liz, our Poet in Residence, will be a JFK to work with the students on more original poetry and on poetry in the oral tradition. It will be such an amazing experience for everyone.  Thanks to the PCC for funding this enrichment program. 🙌
Have a great weekend!

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