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Saturday, March 18, 2017

A Big Bite

Everyone had a touch of the Irish on Friday, look at all that green!
Our speeches were fantastic and though there were several happy leprechauns, there were several cranky leprechauns who did NOT want their gold taken!  The class decided that it was a #angryleprechaun day but we sure did laugh a lot!  This is a photo they wanted to take showing their best #angryleprechaun faces!

We were able to celebrate Pi Day on Wednesday after the snow day.  There were many round snacks, even some pies, and we were able to graph these as an entire grade on a line plot. As a grade we ran 80 laps (3.14 miles) of the gym, relay style, in 19:20.  Thanks to Mrs. Murray and Mr. Banks for all of their help in making Pi day a success!
We finished our study of fractions and grades have been posted to the student's  Pearson account.  We will begin a unit on measurement this week.  Great job on the challenge math homework this week!  Several students completed the Pi challenge and EVERYONE completed the Tangram Shamrock challenge.  Students are embracing the goal of perseverance in math!!!!
The Lightning Thief book club has gotten underway and interest is high!  I love to see students so motivated to read, it warms my heart!  Parents are enjoying the story as well, from all reports.  Stay tuned for more updates!  We will start a new interactive read aloud this week.  We also will be performing some short plays for each other with Greek Gods and Goddesses. Everyone is excited for this to happen!
The rap  poems are almost complete and Mrs. Merten and I are working on a way to share them with you...stay tuned!
The Haffenreffer Museum returns this week for a visit.  There is never a dull moment in 4th grade!
Mrs. Williams

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