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Saturday, January 23, 2016

A Big Bite

WOW!! So much is going on in 4th grade, we are very busy people!  The concert this week was a great success and everyone sang beautifully.  What a performance, I can't wait until the spring for the next one!  Now that our study of the US has begun, we are focusing on Skype in tech.  We have successfully Skyped with a 4th grade class in PA and are looking forward to another mystery Skype this week.  In addition, we Skyped with Liv Williams, and learned how to make unique snowflakes using geometry skills and artistic license.  We will use the snowflakes that we have created as a muse for free verse poetry next week.  It was a fun way to tie together several curriculum areas, math, science, language arts and Art.  Our first fraction unit is complete and we will tackle even more fraction concepts in the upcoming weeks during math.  Our essays are coming together nicely and everyone has created their own thesis statement to develop into an essay. Students feel passionate about their favorite vacation places!  In reader's workshop, we are focusing on so many important skills with Snow Treasure, our newest interactive read aloud.  Students are studying figurative language, author's craft, author's voice, drawing conclusions and cause/effect relationships in a text.  Independent reading is going well and students are really starting to branch out and try new genres!  It is exciting to see. :)  We have had some pretty great book talks this past week as well, so keep 'em coming!  
If you would like to make your own rain gauge (or snow gauge!) just click here for the directions.  Feel free to send me a picture of your rain gauge and I will post it to the blog.  Have fun!
Mrs. Williams


  1. Hello Mrs.Williams!! I am so happy to be able to still check your blog! Good job on your chores concert! I looks like your having lot's of fun!
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Hello Manal!!! I am so happy that you still check the blog and I MISS YOU!!! I hope that you are well. Stop by and see me sometime.
    Mrs. W