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Saturday, May 2, 2015

A Big Bite

May 1st is college signing day.  Miss barry, a senior st FHS who is completing her senior project with us, will be attending SNHU this fall.  We know how to show our college spirit!
Tess had QUITE the snack today. I have NEVER seen a snack that large in all my years of teaching.  I wonder what Grace and Tyler thought when they came home to an empty cupboard?

It was a great week back from vacation, full of laughs and learning.  From Nikki's exploding water bottle that got on everything EXCEPT the ChromeBook on her desk, to Tess and the snack that would feed all of us and Emma announcing herself as the Ringmaster, we laughed all week.  I really do have the best job in the whole world.  To be able to belly laugh, every day, more than once a day,  is a wonderful experience. :)
We are continuing to work on poetry and are preparing for our visit with Ms. Liz next week.Poem in your pocket day was a success and we enjoyed sharing our poems with each other and the second graders.  We are printing the expert pieces and using the Chrome books daily.  In math, we finished the first part of the unit on measurement and have begun the second part of the unit which Mrs. Merten has dubbed "Measurement and Geometry Boot Camp."  We have started with telling time on an analog clock and computing elapsed time.  In this digital age, children sometimes struggle with telling time on an analog clock.  Everyone could use practice with this skill. Click here for a link to a basketball time game and for other links for telling time games.  In social studies we have almost finished the Midwest and will have a test on Friday.  We have studied the jet stream in science and will be learning about wild weather in the next few weeks.  We have read two more novels in verse this week and are focusing on identifying elements of poetry in the novel.  It is fun to listen to these books read aloud on the CD.  In addition, our focus tracking area this week in independent reading is time and computing elapsed time.  We love it when our curriculum areas connect!  In December, several of the boys chose to participate in a mother/son book club, reading The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo. Now the girls are reading a book with their dads called Because of Winn Dixie,also by Kate DiCamillo.  It is just as fun now as it was in December.
Have a great weekend, and laugh with your child.  They are a funny group!  Trust me, I know!
Mrs. Williams

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