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Friday, April 17, 2015

A Big Bite

Celebrating The One and Only Ivan, by Katherine Applegate, was a great way to end our week!  We started our day with Dance Party Friday and then did a yoga set as an entire fourth grade!

Trees in the jungle!

Hissing like snakes in cobra pose.

Breathing like lions in easy pose!

You might see a camel at the zoo!

Resting like a sloth.
 The kindergarten P.E. class joined us as we were all in the gym.  This is the largest group I have ever taught, there were over 100 children involved in the set! WOW!!!We did many fun poses based on animals that you would see in the jungle or the zoo and even incorporated some nature poses into the set as well.

Then we participated in art centers and created four different pictures that were inspired by the story.  We used pencils, markers, finger paints and we melted crayons.  Thanks to all of the families who sent in art supplies!

Nick's jungle snack. Very cool!
 We joined with Mrs. Merten's class to make a line plot of our snacks, it was fun!  There were so many varied and fun snacks.To practice vocabulary and to review the characters in the story, we played Pictionary with Mrs. Merten's class.  After Art class we took the vocabulary quiz and completed some math word problems based on the characters in the book.  Finally, as a grade level, we all watched Tarzan and compared this story to Ivan.  It was very interesting to see the differences in the plot based on the point of view of the characters.  We all agreed that the themes were the same; survival, family, and friendship to name a few.  Everyone in our class LOVED this book and agreed that this is the best book that we have read as a class this year.  It was a great day!

A class crayon art project, how many animals do you see?
Writing, math, science and social studies continue to roll along.  We are using the Chrome books to write the final copies of the expert pieces, we are discussing the jet stream in science, we have traveled to the Midwest in Social Studies and we are learning about measurement in math.  It is so much fun in 4th grade!
Have a wonderful vacation!
Mrs. Williams


  1. Hi. My favorite part of Ivan Day was either crayon art or Tarzan. It's hard to choose. I hope everyone has a great April vacation!
    Your student, Lily

  2. My favorite activity that we did on Ivan Day was watching the movie and/while doing the crayon melting. The movie was very good, and the crayon project was very neat.

  3. My favorite part of Ivan day was probably finger paint. This was my favorite part because I missed finger painting. Also I love to paint animals.