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Friday, February 13, 2015

A Big Bite

The Cupid Shuffle at Dance Party Friday!
Well, we had another snow day and a delay, which made for a short week, but we were able to accomplish so much!  We continued to work on fractions and will have a test when we return.  In writing, we finished the drafts of our essays and should be revising and editing when we return.  We are reading about real child heroes and are preparing to write a constructed response in Google Docs about all that we have learned.  We have been enjoying independent reading a great deal lately.  Some of our favorite books are Image result for el deafo images
In poetry workshop we have finished snowflake poems and are starting to draft altered text poems.  It is so much fun!  We finished our unit of study on humidity and precipitation and will be learning about clouds and wind next.  Our journey around the northeast taught us about some important places like The Statue of Liberty and Pitttsburgh.  Did you know that the Heinz Ketchup company is located in Pittsburgh?  Party in a Bag was a huge success, as usual, and we had a fun end to our week learning about Roman Mythology through the story of Cupid and Apollo.  Thank you for all of the Valentine treats. :)
We are looking forward to reading and resting during vacation.  Hopefully we will not get too much more snow. 
Happy Valentine's Day, have a great week!

Image result for heart images Mrs. Williams

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