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Friday, November 21, 2014

A Big Bite

So much has happened in the last two weeks, where do we begin?  We finished our unit on multiplication and took the online test; everyone did a great job!  We will begin division after the Thanksgiving break.  We finished our unit on Mexico and will start learning about Canada soon.  The Haffenreffer Museum, from Brown University, visited all of the 4th graders.  We participated in a great archeology program and learned what it is like to be an archaeologist.  The museum will be back three more times this year as we study different Native American tribes of the US.  Thanks so much to the PCC for providing us with this enrichment program.  We finished our unit on Heredity and will take a quiz next week.  We have been writing drafts of fiction stories in writer's workshop and have been using the Chrome Books to create a special writing project as well.  It has been fun to conference with students electronically in the Google Docs application.  Digital learning at its best!  Our new interactive read aloud is Little Dog, Lost by Marion Dane Bauer.  Everyone is LOVING this book and we have been able to make many cross curricular connections to it throughout the day.  There are SO MANY reading skills that we are working on; ask your child to tell you about them.  We are on target to finish it by Tuesday and we were left off with a HUGE cliff hanger today.  The moaning was LOUD when I said that we would need stop reading and  continue reading on Monday; it was music to my ears. :)  In addition, Firefighters Keith and Chris cam to JFK to talk about fire safety and to encourage everyone to make an escape plan for their home.  Did you do your escape plan AND practice?
Mrs MacMurray has had the children create wonderful projects on Mixcraft-you can listen here.
Though next week is a short week, we have much to do.  We will be finishing our special writing project, crafting, taking a quiz on heredity and giving the Thanksgiving speech, not to mention finishing Little Dog, Lost.  
Have a great weekend and practice those speeches!
Mrs. W

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