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Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Big Bite

We had a great week in room 23!  We finished chapter 1 in math and took the first math test.  We were also able to finish building Puff Mobiles and are looking forward to the race this week.  We are learning more about maps and globes in Social Studies and are enjoying the daily "This day in history," fact after morning announcements.  We are learning about the scientific method and non fiction writing in science!  We built terrariums and wrote a lab on the process.  We will do more experiments with plants this week and continue to work on writing in the science area.  All of the Bio poems are done and we are excited for families to see them at Open House on Thursday. Students used the Chrome Books to type their poems.   In addition, we spent time examining Walt Whitman's poem, "I Hear America Singing, " and began to brainstorm a list of ideas for our own list poems.  We are almost done launching reader's workshop and have spent a good deal of time talking about strategies readers use when they are reading a book.  We also have been working on improving reading stamina and on choosing just right books.  We talked a great deal about the idea that just because you can read a book, this doesn't necessarily mean that you should.  Our goal is to find books that we love and will remember for a long time, not just to plow through books just to say that we have read a certain title or series.  This is hard work for fourth graders and everyone is doing their best.  I know that we will be successful with this goal this year.
We are continuing to grow as a class and to learn from each other as we  establish a positive and safe learning community together.  This is a great class that wants to succeed and get the most out of every day!  So many students comment that they cannot believe how quickly the day passes!  This makes my heart sing!
Looking forward to seeing you at Open House on Thursday night.
Mrs. Williams

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