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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Juicy Nibble

What do teachers  like to do during the last few weeks of summer?  The same things they always like to do, hang out, talk, laugh, eat great food and have fun!  Here is the 4th grade team at my house celebrating our friendship and all of the great times that we have together. :) 1 blue ticket if you can NAME the little girl with Mrs. K.  **BONUS** 3 blue tickets if you can identify the long necklace I am wearing.  All of the teachers lAUGHED OUT LOUD when they saw it, Mrs. Merten especially!  I hope you are taking some time during the last few weeks to have some fun with friends and to share some good food, we did!  See you soon!


  1. You are a great teacher Mrs. Williams. The thing I love most about 4th grade so far is you tell us never say you can't and I like how we have more homework because I love homework I think it will be a great year I am so glad I got you .

  2. I like that we have lunch last and then go home after recess.I hope we have a great year!

    Your student,

  3. My favorite part of fourth grade so far is that we have books with better stories and longer books because I love to read

    Your Student Andrew

  4. The thing I like the best about fourth grade is that you read to us a lot!