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Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Big Bite

Well it may be Fall, but it sure feels like summer! We had another awesome week in room 23. We have continued to work on routines and have started to really get into all of the curriculum areas. In social studies, we are reviewing basic map and globe skills and are making a map projection from puzzle pieces. In science, we have begun the scientific method and will do an experiment this week. Everyone is excited to get to Terrariums, which should be sometime early next week, and all students will need an empty jar for their plant clippings. An empty two liter bottle, that has been rinsed will work fine, just remember to cut off the top! I will be asking students to bring in any plant clippings they can find in the yard, or from houseplants, to help fill their terrariums. In reader's and writer's workshop we have been working on STAMINA! Stamina for reading independently and for writing from a memory. I conferenced with each student this week about their book bags, as "just right," book selection is still a work in progress for many 4th graders. As a class, we are working on transitions, both in the classroom and at Specialists. This class has a lot of spirit and spunk! We just need to work on making smooth transitions without so much chatter. It's great to see so many students excited, happy and willing to learn. I know they can do it! I am looking forward to another great week in 4th grade at JFK!
Mrs. Williams

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