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Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Big Bite

WOW! Despite the snow days during the last two weeks, we are getting quite a bit done in room 23. We have continued our interactive read aloud, Snow Treasure, and should finish it this week. Finding similes, studying author's craft, and looking deeply at characters has been a focus in this book. Many small groups have been working on other topics in their independent reading books. One large group of readers is focusing on dinosaurs and looking at very specific topics in this very large area of study. As a class we have read 534 books so far this year, with most students reading over 20 books so far this year! We have been working a great deal in writer's workshop on using descriptive language and increasing writing stamina. We have made good progress with these skills and now need to focus on mechanics. In math we have been learning about fractions. Everyone did a great job on the midyear test! In social studies, we continue to study the northeast and will be taking a test on this region in the next two weeks. Science is all about the water cycle and precipitation. We have daily lessons from Mother Nature on this topic. Winter Wonderland day was a success! Many students wore pajamas and brought stuffed animals to school. We enjoyed hot chocolate while making "snow sculptures," with cotton balls. Thanks to all of the parents who donated hot chocolate! We finished Friday with the story "Snow," by Roy McKie and P.D. Eastman. Enjoy the pictures . Make sure you look at the updates to tests and quizzes-it is going to be a very busy two weeks.

Have a great day!

Mrs. Williams

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