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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Juicy Nibble

Hi Gang!
It looks like we have another day off tomorrow due to the snow. Don't worry about the Social Studies test on Friday, I will move it to next week, probably Wednesday or Thursday. Also, the chapter 6 math test will probably get pushed back as well. We will have the Spelling test, and the English test on Adverbs, on Friday. Enjoy the snow and PLEASE keep reading. If you write a paragraph (12-15 sentences, using correct spelling and mechanics, in your neatest cursive) describing what you have done with your time off from school, I will award you 10 bonus points to be used on the test of your choice! Or, you can write a poem about the snow, or your time off, and I will give you 5 bonus points on the test of your choice! Remember, you can always practice some of the yoga exercises that we have learned. Have a fun day and I will see you on Friday!
Mrs. W

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