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Friday, October 22, 2010

Poem of the Week

Here are a few list poems written by students in room 23.

Places to Go if You're a Piece of Luggage-by Emily
To an airport
To the Eiffel Tower in Paris
To the Penobscot River in Maine
Under a Tulip tree in India
To the White House in D.C
To the New England Aquarium in Boston
To the Grand Canyon in Arizona
To the Ferris Wheel at the Toys-R-Us in Times Square
To the John F. Kennedy Space Center in Florida
To Mount McKinley in Alaska
and to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado

Things to do if You're a Skateboard-by Nasir
Being a skateboard is so much fun
Tricks by the tons
kick flip
fake shove it
pop shove it
spine transfer
360 degree
720 degree
180 degree
rock fake
kick turns and
backward raock fakes
That's what you'd do if
you're a skateboard

Things to do if You're a Moon-by Christina
stay beautiful
keep your craters big
shine bright
be in space
be crescent
be round
be big
have wonder
be cool
guide things
pretend to be cheese
have a nice big face

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