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Friday, September 10, 2010

Poem of the Week

We have been working on bio poems. Here are a few examples:

Friendly, hopeful, grateful, caring.
Sister of Brooke, Allyse, Rashanna.
Who loves Drawing, swimming, playing with friends and family.
Who feels joyful, lucky, loved.
Who needs love, friends, laughs.
Who gives happiness, joy ,kindness.
Who fears spiders, snakes, bees.
Who would like to see Hawaii, Maine, and Niagara Falls.
A resident of Franklin.

Caring, nice, kind and funny.
Brother of Amanda ,Kassidy and Tyler.
Who loves cats, dogs and mice
Who feels happy, confused about what to read next, and surprised about how nice Mrs. Williams is.
Who needs friends, family and pets.
Who gives friendship, toys to charity and clothes to charity
Who fears the dark, snakes and clowns.
Who would like to see the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, and Niagara Falls.
A resident of Franklin.

Red headed, fun, silly, helpful
Sister of Nolan and Gavin. Daughter of Cindy and Jimmy.
Who loves my family, water, and going to Gavin’s hockey games to see my friends.
Who feels happy to have two brothers to play with, lucky to have Mrs.Williams for fourth grade and excited for the weekend!
Who needs my own room, a new sweatshirt, and lunch.
Who gives my parents a hard time when I have to get up in the morning, presents to my brothers on their birthdays and food to my brothers
Who fears rats, snakes and wasps.
Who would like to see Disney, Washington D.C. and Hollywood.
Resident of Franklin

Athletic, nice, smart, friendly
Brother of Ravin and Rachita, son of Priariat and Mukesh
Who loves sports, family and fruit
Who feels happy to have a great family, neighborhood and lots of friends
Who needs friends, love and good grades
Who fears rats, mice, and spiders
Who would like to see flying squirrels, the Eiffel Tower and the Great Wall of China
A resident of Franklin

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